Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to transport your fish

     Moving fish between tanks must be made with a fishing net according to the fish size. The fishing net must be handled carefully so not to harm the fish. Also disinfection of them must be mention, especially if they have been used to move sick fish.
     Transporting fish is made in transparent, round bottom and long plastic bags. The bag should not be filled with water, it must have air too: 1/3 water and 2/3 air. The bag is closeing so that air to create pressure. It is recommended that water to come right from the aquarium in which fish live. Big fish are packed in separate bags so not to crush their body from each other during transportation.
     For short distances, the fish bag can be put into a dark paper bag which reduces light and thus stress fish. For long distances special containers must be used.
     Don't transport the fish in jars, because they can hurt themselves by hitting the walls and causing injury.
     After arriving at your destination, the new fish will be kept, if it is possibly,  in quarantine in a different tank from the main tank. A period of several days is generally sufficient to ensure that the fish started to eat normally and shows no signs of any disease.
     Fish acclimatization in quarantine tank consist of floating the bag on the water surface for about 20 minutes, allowing equalization of temperatures in the two environments. Then open the bag and let the water flow gradually in the bag. The process usually takes 10 minutes, but it will be slowed down if there are big differences between hardness or pH of the two waters. When the waters were sufficiently mixed, help the fish to be removed from the bag and fall in the aquarium.

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  1. I used heat packs and polyboxes to transport my fish :)