Monday, August 9, 2010

Assassin Snails

     Assassin snails or Anentome Helena (Clea Helena) aren't just attractive in an aquarium, but also an effective presence to get rid of uncontrolled multiplication of snails, especially brown snail parasites from planorbis and physa families. Originally from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia). This snail is considered to be aggressive because it is carnivorous and generally attack smaller snails than it, but this is not a rule.
     In the nature can be found in rivers and lakes with sandy or sloppy substrate, where can hide and wait for the prey, holding just its trunk out to inspect, that's why the aquarium where assassin snails will be kept should have same characteristics.
     They prefer water with a pH between 7-8, a hardness between 6-18 and a temperature between 22°C - 30°C (71°F - 86°F).  They are small, reaching 2.5 - 3 cm in nature, in aquariums size varies between 1.5 and 1.8 cm, with a conical shell made of a spiral in two colors, brown and yellow to green heavily ridged. Their body is greenish to gray, with a trunk that helps them to locate food with greater ease. Life duration is up to 4 years.
     Is a species of snail easy to grow and to reproduce as long as there is enough food, just that the descendants number in the aquarium that will reach maturity is lower because of cannibalism and environmental factors. This snails are not hermaphrodites, for their breeding we need at least one female, that is larger than the male.  The eggs are deposited on rough areas, only one egg wrapped in a semi-transparent shell. After a long period of time, the eggs hatch and juveniles disappear in the substrate for several weeks or months.

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