Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aquarium Maintenance

      Maintaining correct temperature
     This is easy, using a a heater with thermostat ( Tetra Submersible 50-Watt Heater ), but it must be checked constantly to detect a possible failure in time. In case of failure of a heater or a blackout, the heat is lost slowly and the bigger the aquarium is, the slower the heat is lost. In these conditions , the aquarium can be protected with a blanket. During hot weather, normally a good aeration maintains an acceptable level of oxygen, but in extreme cases bags of ice may be used to float in water.

     Maintaining water quality
     Water quality depends on the filter used, but  is not sufficient to have a quality filter, it must be cleaned periodically. Also, the filter material must be clean, often reused after washing. The water hoses must be maintained clean and the algae that forms on them removed. How often a filter should be cleaned depends on the type and number of fish and the size and efficiency of the filter. For example, small filters in tanks with fish that are eating more will clog quickly. Also, you must have clean hands before put them in the aquarium.

     Water change
     An efficiently filter maintain the water quality, but regular changes of a part of water serves to refresh the nutrients necessary for plants. It is recommend to  change about 20% of the water once at 2 weeks. This action reduces the amount of residual material dissolved in water. It must be mentioned here the need to check the pH of the water, not to cause sudden variations in its level.

     Maintenance program
      Generally is necessary that some maintenance to be done daily, others once a week, while others require only periodic attention.
     Daily operation: check that all fish are present and in good condition, make sure the temperature is correctly.
     Weekly operations: remove dead plant leaves, trim the plants that are growing rapidly, collect the residue from the bottom of the aquarium.
     Periodic operations: clean and/or replace the filter material, clean algae grown on aquarium glass, aerate the substrate, check the pH level, check air stones, clean the air valves from the air pump, check all pipe connections especially at electric pumps, replace the lamps if they are not illuminating properly.


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