Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black Ghost Knifefish

     This fish (Apteronotus albifrons), originally from the Amazon Basin in South America, are incredibly beautiful and their body shape is totally great, compared to most freshwater fish. Black Ghost Knifefish is a relatively quiet fish who gets along well with many other species of freshwater fish,but the condition is those not to be very small.
     He is partially blind, but he locates its prey with an electrical pulse resulting from his tail, he has a very nice back swimming and likes dark places especially on day, with more plants and hiding places. Is very interesting to watch them how they swim through aquarium and "sniff" other fish without harming them. They are more active if the aquarium lighting is moderate to low average.

     Information about care:
  • pH of water: 6 - 8.
  • Water hardness (dGH): 4 - 12.
  • Temperature: 23 - 28 °C ( 73.4 - 82.4 °F ).
  • Maximum size in aquariums (min-max): 40 - 50 cm.
  • Food: mostly carnivorous but may accept peas in their diet, they prefer bloodworms, beef hearts, brine shrimp and krill.
  • Breeding: successful breeding is taking place in Asia and Australia, not in our aquariums.
  •  Lifespan: can live for approximately 10 years or more in the aquarium if they are well cared for and their water condition needs are met.

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