Saturday, September 11, 2010

IAPLC 2010 Results Part I

     Finally, the world rankings for the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest have been published. I haven't found any pictures of the winners, but I hope this will be made public soon so we can admire their creations. The first 10 winners from 1819 applications from 55 countries are:


     1. Pavel Bautin - Russia
     2. Zhang Jian Feng - Macau
     3. Xuan Thuy Nguyen Thi - Vietnam
     4. Yutaka Kanno - Japan
     5. Zeng Qing Jun - China
     6. Chen I Sheng - Taiwan
     7. Grigoriy Polishchuk - Ukraine
     8. Long Tran Hoang - Vietnam
     9. K.P. Wong - Hong Kong
    10. Li Da Wei - China

     Congratulations to Pavel Bautin from Russia, he has an aquarium design company, you can admire some of his aquatic designs here. Is the first time the award is out of Asian's hand.

     The second part of this article will be posted whit the winner's photos when they will come out.

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