Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breeding at Barbus Tetrazona

     It is said that tetrazona fish are hard to breed. That's not true ... if you have some knowledge ... it can be done.
     You need a small volume tank, 15 - 20 liters. Place on the bottom of the tank a net to a height of 2 - 4 cm. Add half water which stood for 24 hours at least and the other half, add water from the main tank. The optimal temperature is 25-26 degrees C, low hardness, aeration moderate. Choose the pair, the female is recognized by being bigger than the male because of her belly. The male has more prominent colors than the female, red fins and red mouth. Add the female in the breeding tank in the evening to accommodate, and in the morning add two males.
     The three fish will start the nuptial dance, which sometimes may seem aggressive, but it isn't, and after that the female spawn the eggs. The net acts as a shield so the two males don't eat the eggs. Finally, after female finish her job, the three fish will be removed and the eggs will hatch in 20-25 hours. The fry will stay on the glass tank and after a few days, maximum 4, we will start to feed them with freshly hatched Artemia.

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