Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beyond the Nature

     Searching on the Internet I have found an amazing aquascaping called "Beyond the Nature" by Gary Wu, rewarded by the aquascapingworld forum with the tank of the mounth, August 2010. An island floating ... I like to call it Pandora. Gary Wu said his layout is inspired from a Japanese cartoon movie “Laputa”.
     The floating island is cover with a thin layer of substrate and small rocks with moss insert between them. Staurogyne sp. are planted on the thin layer of substrate. A visual illusion is used to mount a grid on the back glass so as the plant grows out, the whole grid is masked by the plant.
     Plant species used are Vesicularia sp., Flame Moss and Staurogyne sp. in the background, Blyxa echinosperma and Eleocharis parvula sp. on the midground, and  Eleocharis parvula sp. and Staurogyne sp. on foreground.
     Fish living here are Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi, Crossocheilus siamensis, Otocinclus affinis and invertebrates are Amano Shrimp, Chilton sp. Burnble and Blue Shrimp.
     Tank  dimensions: 152 x 51 x 58 cm.
     Lighting: 12 x 18W T8.
     Filtration system: 2 x Tetra EX120 and 1 x Eheim 2080.
     Co2: 6 bubbles non stop.
     Substrate: Seachem Fluorite.
     Fertilization: ADA step 3, Green gain, ECA, Bright K, Shade. Seachem: Iron, Excel and some gardening root fertilizer.


  1. The visual is fantastic. And then on closer inspection, he has included not only fish, but invertebrates as well. Welcome to my magic kingdom, the dream begins.

  2. so... if I understood well... you are going to make this aquascape in your tank?

  3. Hi all, does anyone have more detail on how the floating island has been suspended? I'll post here if I find out more details. Would greatly appreciate an email if you know more pauli.daren at gmail.com thanks!!

  4. Sorry that's pauli.darren. Misspelt my name. :/