Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goldfish rules

  1. I eat as fast I can  and how much I can, ignoring bubbles that I swallow.
  2. I spend the whole day near my master, humiliating me and begging him for a few more food. You can put as much as you can, I'll eat everything !
  3. I eat more than I can swallow.
  4. If the food is chopped so I can eat without problems, I'll chew several times before swallow, I must enjoy this moment !
  5. If it's green, it must be eaten ! :)
  6. The shell must be eaten. If I can not eat it, I'll try to remove the food from it.
  7. If I'm not allowed to eat something, I'll eat it. Especially if it cost a lot of money!
  8. I'm always feeling like I'm on a diet.
  9. I always  check, maybe something remained undigested !
  10. If someone put his hand in the aquarium, I try to eat it.      
© by Decamio

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