Sunday, February 6, 2011

Treatment with garra rufa fish for psoriasis

Member of: Cyprinidae. 
Temperment: Can be an aggressive fish and may attack other fish similar in size or smaller.
Size: 5.9 inches.
Aquarium Size: a minimum of ten gallons per garra rufa.
Food: Algae wafers, blood worms, sinking pellets.
Life Span: unknown.
Aquarium Conditions: ph: 7.3, temp: 78-82.
Breeding: unknown (There is commercial breeding in which hormones are injected into the female fish).
Sexing: unknown.
Tank Mates: Other garra rufas. This fish is best kept in groups of five or more garra rufas. 
     Maybe the fishes from family Cyprinidae do not have six years of medicine, but in treating psoriasis and other skin diseases, no one is more skilled than them. In fact, these small fish doctors, feeds with scales caused by the disease, which aspires like real liposuction devices. 
    Garra Rufas are very active little fish with a high metabolism. They are great scavengers that like to hunt for uneaten food and detritus. They are also great at cleaning the algae off of the plants and the glass in your aquarium. They enjoy eating the algae as a snack.
     First, this fish attack the exterior part of psoriasis and remove thick layers , then they eat thinner layers softened by warm water and suck the skin, removing all traces of the disease. At this stage, their bodies secrete a substance that is designed to coagulate blood and stop bleeding. During the cure, patients should drink at least three glasses of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and enter the pool after breakfast, sitting for an hour, then came again, in the afternoon for another hour.

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